Hardin Medical Center's Radiology Department is a multi-faceted, diagnostic imaging organization with our patients at the center of all of our efforts. The HMC Radiology Department has cutting edge technology in the areas of —

  • X-ray
  • Fluoroscopy
  • MRI
  • Digital Mammography
  • 64 slice CT Scans including coronary arteries
  • Ultrasound including vascular imaging
  • Nuclear Medicine including cardiology stress testing
  • Special procedures including invasive biopsies and minimally invasive procedures
The Radiology Department utilizes the latest technology in film-less radiology storage systems, known as PACs (Picture Archiving and Communication System). PACs is a computer system used to capture, store, distribute, and display images. The Radiology Department offers multi-registered technologists and board-certified radiologists around the clock to support HMC in providing quality care “Right Here at Home.”

Radiology Director Jenna Foote said, "State-of-the-art technology has become the standard of care especially here at HMC. Radiologists who read and interpret studies feel that using older CT scanning technology is simply a step backward. We are offering different types of studies that were not available before including studies of the coronary arteries, which show blood flow in and out of the heart. The speed of the 64 slice CT scan really helps lessen patient anxiety, and we are often able to complete several studies rather quickly. We are also equipped to accommodate patients weighing up to 500 pounds.”