HMC Labor and Delivery

Arrival and Check In

Upon arrival to the hospital, you will be admitted into the Labor & Delivery unit and placed into a room. You will be placed on a monitor to assess your baby’s heart rate and your contraction pattern. A nurse will ask a series of questions related to your pregnancy and medical history. The nurse will perform a physical examination, check your blood pressure, pulse, respirations and collect samples.
Your nurse will call your doctor to let them know you have arrived and to discuss the plan for your care.

You and Your New Baby

The nurses on our obstetrical (OB) unit will help you welcome your new baby into the world, working with your physician to provide very good care for you and your newborn. We want this special time to be as perfect as possible for all our mothers-to-be, and we will provide that personal touch. As a patient you will labor, deliver and recover in the same room.
Our comfortable rooms and friendly environment are complemented by the state-of-the-art technologies and services of St. John Medical Center, ensuring comfort and medical excellence for you, your baby and your family during this exciting time.

We believe in a family-centered approach to childbirth. During labor, relatives are welcome to visit you in your room. During delivery, your support person will stay by your side. Shortly after delivery, your family and friends can then re-join you in your room to meet your new baby unless your doctor orders otherwise.

And to nurture your newest relationship – with your new baby – one of our nursery nurses will come to your room to help you bond and learn to breastfeed should you choose to do so. The nurse will also conduct a check up and assessment with your new baby.

Sleep Safe Environment for Baby

Learn how to create a sleep safe space for your new baby. A sleep safe environment can help reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and other sleep-related causes of infant death, like suffocation. Learn how to create a safe sleep space for your baby by visiting this interactive room. (click here  This room is for teaching purposes only and can be adapted to any shape or size in your own home.