HMC Hospitalist Services

What is a hospitalist?

HMC hospitalists are physicians, typically board certified in internal medicine, who specialize in providing care for hospitalized patients.

How do hospitalists benefit me?

Because our hospitalists only see hospitalized patients, they are focused only on the needs of HMC patients. Hospitalists are accustomed to taking care of patients with serious illnesses and have been trained in the latest diagnostics and treatments. A member of our hospitalist team is available 24 hours a day so that they can respond as your condition changes and are able to coordinate your care in a timely and efficient manner.

How does my family doctor know what happened to me in the hospital?

Shortly after meeting with you and reviewing your medical records, the hospitalist can provide a report to your family physician. During your hospitalization, our hospitalist may also speak to your family physician directly or request additional records to help assure continuity of your care. During your discharging process, our hospitalist will provide you with a current medication list, provide scripts for new medications, which helps with follow up with your family physician. After discharge your family physician will receive an updated medical report and then resume responsibility for your ongoing care.

What if I don’t have a primary care physician?

Having a family physician is very important for your ongoing health care needs. Since our hospitalists do not have outpatient offices, they are unable to see you after discharge. However, our physicians can assist in finding you a family physician prior to your discharge. Your records can be sent to the physician of your choice.

Will my insurance cover services rendered by the hospitalists?

As employees of Hardin Medical Center, our hospitalists are considered “within network” for most insurance companies. Our fees are very similar to what you would expect from your primary care doctor if he or she was to treat you in the hospital. Our staff is always available for any billing inquires.

What should I expect from the hospitalist?

You should expect excellent care from our hospitalists. A member of our team will see you at least once a day, and perhaps more often if necessary. You may see more than one member of our team during your stay, but your care should be continuous and seamless. We know that being in the hospital can be stressful for both you and your family. Our team will always treat you with respect and kindness. We will make every effort to keep you or your family informed of results and treatments, to discuss available treatment options, and to provide compassionate and honest answers to any questions during your care.