Medication List

It is very important for your healthcare team to know which medications you are currently taking at home. Please place all medications in a plastic bag and bring them with you, in their original bottles, so that accurate names and dosages can be obtained.

These medications should be given to the nursing staff. They will be documented in your medical record. If you are here for observation and your doctor directs you to continue taking these home medications, they will be administered to you by the nursing staff from the medications you brought with you. If you are an inpatient and your doctor directs for you to continue your home medications, the pharmacy will dispense them from our pharmacy and your nursing staff will administer them to you. The medicines you brought with you will be given to a family member to take home or the nursing staff will store these in Pharmacy and return them to you at the time you are discharged. Please do not take any medication other than what your nurse gives you. If you feel you need a medication that you are not being given, let your nurse know. He/she will contact your doctor for instructions.