Serving our communities with safe, quality, compassionate healthcare.


HMC will be the preferred choice for employees to work, physicians to practice, and patients to receive care in our region. 


Values are central to every organization. They are those things that are important or of value. HMC’s Vision, which guides leadership and planning, must be based on its core values to be effective. And the commitment of individuals to the organization’s core values puts us all on the same page so that we may make good decisions and operate effectively. Values are what we judge to be right. HMC’s Core Values, presented below, are what HMC leadership wants our organization to stand for, and they should be the basis for the behavior of all HMC employees.
HMC Core Values

Our Core Values



We have included the following words in our Mission, Vision, and Values for many years. It is a reminder that those we care for, our patients and residents, are at the center of our facility and our work. What we do here on a daily basis is focused on these individuals. The statements define who they are and how we relate to them. In the heart of the statements is the “why” of every HMC employee. The statements remind us that our work is sometimes hard and that we care for the totality of individuals—their emotional and physical needs. The statements presuppose our skills, talents, and compassion. We hope they will be a touchstone for you on difficult days and a shining light when you have done your best.


OUR PATIENT - is our first responsibility.
OUR PATIENT - comes to us with an illness or complaint and with the faith that we can help. It is our primary duty to do so.
OUR PATIENT - is the central person around whom our business revolves.
OUR PATIENT - is not an interruption of our work, but is our work.
OUR PATIENT - is deserving of the most compassionate and skilled service we can give.
OUR PATIENT - is honoring us by seeking our help. It is our privilege to try to be of service.
OUR PATIENT - is an individual with needs. It is our duty to treat our patient the way we would want to be treated under similar circumstances.
OUR PATIENT - when difficult or contentious must be treated with compassion.
OUR PATIENT - like ourselves, has emotional as well as physical needs. We must keep this constantly at the forefront of our care.