Hardin Medical Center alerts public of phone scam


SAVANNAH, TN – December 19 - Hardin Medical Center (HMC) has been notified of yet another phone scam affecting residents in and around the Hardin County area. The caller is claiming to be calling to remind "patients" to refill their medications in order to obtain personal information from them. 
The calls are not coming from Hardin Medical Center. No one from HMC will be calling to request Personal Health Information or Prescription Information over the phone. The phone number showing up on the caller ID’s is 866-218-7985.
If you or a family member receives a call like this, please hang up and do not give out any personal information. Never give personal information over the phone. 
Hardin Medical Center and The Tennessee Hospital Association request that you share this information with friends, family, and other contacts because other hospitals both in Tennessee and other states have been affected.     

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