COVID-19 Update May 18


HARDIN MEDICAL CENTER - May 18 Update to the Public regarding COVID-19.

Yesterday, the second patient who was hospitalized with COVID-19, passed away. The patient had many of the underlying chronic diseases which CDC has defined as placing an individual at higher risk of mortality.

COVID-19 is especially dangerous to our elderly population who often have underlying chronic medical conditions. Although the economy is being reopened, everyone should comply with social distancing, wearing face masks and washing hands.

The elderly or anyone with chronic disease known to place one at higher risk of mortality if COVID-19 is contracted should continue to stay at home. If necessary to go to any department stores, grocery stores, etc., do so only at odd times when store traffic is lower. Check with stores about special hours for seniors or those with chronic illness.

Within the next 30 days, the impact of temperature and humidity on COVID-19 will be known. Remember up to 80% of individuals infected with COVID-19 show little to no signs and symptoms during which time they are still contagious. An infected individual who does eventually show signs and symptoms is contagious for the two days prior to showing any signs or symptoms. Social distancing, face masks and hand washing are the first and, for right now, the only lines of defense.

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